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Women of Hong Kong Celebrating International Women’s Day 2022

Hong Kong Federation of Women celebrates the March 8th event with women at home, abroad, and internationally online.

Corporate Members

International Women's League

North District Women's Association

Hong Kong & Kowloon Kaifong Women's Association

The Women's Welfare Club (Eastern District) Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Overseas Chinese General Association

China Hong Kong Mu Lan Quan Association

Women Service Association

Hong Kong Chiao Yao Association

Shek O Women's Association

Aberdeen Fisher Women Association

Stanley Women Association

Hong Kong Friends of Mulan

Kellett Bay Women's Association

Soroptimist International of Hong Kong

Lei Tung Women Club

Yin Ngai Societies Fu Shin Branch

Hong Kong (Eastern District) Heng Fa Women's Association

Tsuen Wan Lei Muk Shue Yin Ngai Society

Carnation Women's Association

Chinese Woman Composers' Association

International Dongguan Women Association

Sai Kung and Tsueng Kwan O Women's Association

Wong Tai Sin Women's Association

Eastern District New Women Federation

Half The Sky Foundation

The Hong Kong Overseas Chinese Women Association

Healthgate Women Association

The Women's Community of Tung Koon General Association

Lan Fong Women Association

Junior Chamber International Hong Kong Jayceettes

Wu King Butterfly Yin Ngai Society Limited

Hong Kong Women Health Ambassador Association

Hsin Hsiao Ling Music World

Hong Kong Women of Alliance

Hong Kong Breast Cancer Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation

Joint Wise Women's Association

Hong Kong Tianjin Business and Professional Women Association

Hong Kong Eastern District Women's Assosciation

Hong Kong Elders Health Development Association

Hong Kong Arts Focal Hub Company Ltd.

Yau Lai Women Society

The Golden Bauhinia Women Entrepreneur Association

Miss Enterpreneurs Club

Greater Bay Area Hong Kong Women Entrepreneurs Association

Business Lady Association

Associate Corporate Members

South China Athletic Assoc., Lady Members's Section

Wanchai Badminton Club, Ladies Member's Section

Quarry Bay Resident's Association

The World General at Association of Dongguan Societies (Women's Section)

Hong Kong Chinese Reform Association (Women Section)

Hong Kong Jimei Alumni Association (Women Section)

Sam Yick Clansmen Association HK (Women Section)

Wan Chai Kai-Fong Welfare Association (Women Section)

Centre of Research and Promotion of Women's Health

Hong Kong Logistics Management Staff Association - Ah In Club

The Ching Yuen Association (Women Section)

Federation of Qing Yuan Association (HK) (Women Section)

Jia Xing Residients Association (HK) (Women Section)

Hong Kong Shoo Yuen Tong Lui Fong Kwong Clasnsmen Association (Women Section)

The Women Committee of The United Zhejiang Residents Associations

Tai Chi Yuen Wellbeing Club

Hong Kong Federation of Dong Guan Association

Women of Hong Kong Celebrating
International Women’s Day 2021

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